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What is Thrīvera?

Thrīvera is a non-profit organization with a vision to ensure the poorest children of the world have access to education and digital media tools to thrive in this digital era. Our mission is to bring video storytelling to them so they can share their inspiring stories with the rest of the world. In the process, we raise funds that go directly into educational purposes. We simply want to give kids a chance to succeed in this ever-increasing digital world. Ensuring kids get an education, building their digital literacy, and building their communication skills are keys to help them break the cycle of poverty.

  • Vision:  All economically disadvantaged youth have access to education and the digital tools to end the cycle of poverty.
  • Mission: Empower kids with video storytelling in order to build their skills for the future.

What difference will video storytelling make?

We believe stories can change the world, and video & social media are the perfect platforms for storytelling. We have seen the amazing stories that economically disadvantaged youth learn to tell to inspire others. Their stories bring together people who care about making a difference in this world. Storytelling gives these kids a voice to communicate & build confidence. The workshop increases digital literacy, giving kids access to technology, so they can carry these skills into the future, and success is within reach.

Who are the kids that Thrīvera reaches with the program?

We reach economically disadvantaged kids, who are at a high risk of not completing their education. For our US based program we empower kids who are:

  • Below the Poverty line – 15% of the US population living below poverty line. Those living in extreme poverty neighborhoods increased by 1/3 in the last decade.
  • Inside the “Drop-out Factories” – 10% of US high schools drop-out 50% of their students. These same schools account for ½ of the country’s drop-outs.
  • Minority Students who are disproportionately at-risk – ~60% graduation rates among Black, Hispanic, & Native Americans

Currently, we are partnering with locally based schools here in Cincinnati who are working with these kids already. Our workshops are designed to engage these students so they remain excited about learning. The world is more digital than ever, so learning should be digital too. We hope to keep kids in school & increase graduation rates from 80% to the US target of 90%. Research studies indicate that cutting drop-outs in half which could save $2.3B/year for the nation.

Why are digital technologies so important for the future of these kids?

We live in a digital era where digital technology is shaping our world economy and culture. However, only 1/6 of the global population has access to digital technology. The most developed regions of the world like the US and Europe have wide access to digital technologies, resulting in increased literacy and wealth. Meanwhile, most economically disadvantaged people around the world (in the US and elsewhere) lack access to technology and the skills to use it. As a result, economically disadvantaged youth have lower literacy, lower education, which leads to poverty. These young people are at-risk of growing up without the digital literacy needed to be successful in this global digital era.

What are Thrīvera’s Core Values?

  • Education is a powerful foundation that enables thriving individuals, families, & communities. We want every economically disadvantaged youth to be educated.
  • Self-sufficiency – Individuals thrive because they play a role in shaping their own future. Everyone must co-invest (time & effort).
  • Story telling is a skill that builds confidence & communication that leads to success. Everyone has a story worth telling & we want to empower kids to discover their voice.
  • Digital Literacy – Access to technology is something every young person needs. The jobs of the future depend on being digitally literate. We intend to build their competency in technology.

Where do my donations go?

Your donations fund our educational workshops we develop with our partner schools. We partner with schools whose kids are at a high risk of dropping out because of poverty that encompasses their lives. Your funds pay for our curriculum development, workshop operations, and video equipment, and software expenses.

What is Thrīvera doing internationally?

We’re passionate about improving the lives of kids in the developing world. That’s why Thrīvera is partnering with schools for our Philippines Project. The Philippines is the perfect place to establish operations overseas because of the following:

  • Families in the Philippines per capita income is $3,300/year (compared to US $46K)
  • Extreme Poverty restricts educational opportunities (kids are forced into labor)
  • There are over~1.5 million street children in the Philippines ages 5-17 years old
  • 4 out of every 10 kids (40%) will never graduate high school
  • English is widely spoken in all parts of the country


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